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Boise Commercial Photographer Syd Product BW

Boise I’m here and have already started taking jobs, assignments and shooting editorials. I’ve got a studio space leased and construction should be finished in the next few weeks. I am available now for editorial photography and commercial photography. I excel at jobs that require professionalism, extreme time constraints, pressure and creativity. I am a lighting expert and have assistant directed lighting on multiple films. I can work fluidly with both natural and artificial light, in a studio or on location. I recently made editorial portraits of the entire Nebraska football team for Hail Varsity magazine, where I photographed 90 football players in 3 days on a set that I designed in Montana and built on location in Lincoln Nebraska. I have done commercial work for law firms, medical clinics, and marketing campaigns for clothing brands and non-profits. When I’m not shooting editorial or commercial work, I love to shoot fashion stories and street photography. I live and breath photography every day and when I’m not making pictures I’m studying the masters. If you have any questions feel free contact me through the contact page of this site or DM me on Instagram.

More updates to come, including a portfolio of recent work and the latest on my new Boise photography studio.

Editorial and Fashion Photographer Moving to Boise Idaho

Boise Idaho I am coming for you! My wife and I are relocating to Boise in July 2017. We are super excited to see what Boise has to offer. I have only been to Boise once, about 10 years ago and only briefly. I remember sitting downtown and thinking, wow I could live here one day. The weather was nice, that's about all I remember. I wouldn't have guessed that 10 years later I'd be moving to Boise for real. I can't wait to get there and set up a studio in downtown Boise and get to work making pictures.